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Sponsors and exhibitors

Find out more about our 2024 sponsors and exhibitors.


Enedis, the main operator of the public electricity distribution network in France, manages low and medium voltage networks over 95% of the territory.

Enedis operates develops and modernizes the network every day in the interest of all and in the service of accelerating the ecological transition.

The 39,000 Enedis employees in each of the regions of France work daily to guarantee access to a quality electricity supply. 


High Insulating Performance - Italian Producer of electrical components for MV distribution grid. Cast resin bushing and polymer bushing for indoor or outdoor, in gas, air and oil.

ERIGrid 2.0

H2020 project ERIGrid 2.0 is a single-entry point for researchers active in smart grids, smart energy systems, and the integration of renewables. It offers a broad spectrum of advanced services, methods, and tools to further strengthen the technical leadership of Europe in the energy domain and foster research and innovation.

Coordinated by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, the European consortium of innovative research and development laboratories offers research infrastructure to researchers and experts for developing, testing, and validating modern power supply systems, the integration of renewable energies, the digitalisation of the networks and intelligent energy systems.

The project is based on holistic, cyber-physical validations of the energy system, which can even be carried out in virtual environments. In total, 21 smart energy systems laboratories and 8 facilities with virtual access are available free-of-charge for successful applicants to advance their own research.

GMC Instruments Austria GmbH

GMC Instruments Austria is the Austrian subsidiary of the GMC-Instruments Group and operates in the field of industrial measurement and control technology.

GMC-Instruments Austria GmbH is the specialist in portable measurement technology and industrial measurement technology components. As a manufacturer of proven as well as innovative products and solutions under the brands GOSSEN METRAWATT, CAMILLE BAUER, GOSSEN, KURTH ELECTRONIC, we offer "safety through expertise" in the field of measurement technology.

Heimdall Power

Heimdall Power specializes in advanced grid optimization, enhancing global power grids using state-of-the-art software and unique hardware technolog


HYPERRIDE aims at the implementation of DC and hybrid AC-DC power grids. As a European project funded under the H2020 program (GA 957788) it develops a modular, resilient network with a high proportion of renewable energy sources (RES), given the increase of decentralized energy resources and the core role played by the distribution network. At the example of three pilot sites located in Germany, Switzerland and Italy different aspects and fields of application are covered, like grid planning and operation, automation, component solutions, as well as safety and cyber security. The proof of applicability and replicability in other European areas is demonstrated.


Leader in global energy technology

MR has an important job in the transmission and distribution of electrical energy: 50% of the electricity produced worldwide is regulated using our products. Founded in Regensburg, Germany, in 1868, we are a majority family-owned business, already in our sixth generation. Currently, around 4,000 employees work at the Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH headquarters in Regensburg as well as in 39 associated companies and 28 countries.

We help our global customers – energy producers, public and industrial grid operators and transformer manufacturers – with intelligent systems to regulate load flow and power quality for a safe, economical and resilient power supply. We provide high-quality products such as on-load tap-changers and de-energized tap-changers, innovative sensors, automation technology and analytics. As well as an increasing number of digital solutions.


OMICRON is an international company that works passionately on ideas for making electric power systems safe and reliable. Our pioneering solutions are designed to meet our industry’s current and future challenges. We always go the extra mile to empower our customers: we react to their needs, provide extraordinary local support, and share our expertise.

Within the OMICRON group, we research and develop innovative technologies for all fields in electric power systems. When it comes to electrical testing for medium- and high-voltage equipment, protection testing, digital substation testing solutions, and cybersecurity solutions, customers all over the world trust in the accuracy, speed, and quality of our user-friendly solutions.

Founded in 1984, OMICRON draws on their decades of profound expertise in the field of electric power engineering. A dedicated team of more than 1.100 employees provides solutions with 24/7 support at 24 locations worldwide and serves customers in more than ​​​​​​​170 countries.


Reinventing electricity grids for the energy transition

Plexigrid offers solutions that enable Distribution System Operators (DSOs) to manage their grid more efficiently and become an active driver of the energy transition. Unlike most solutions on the market, we have built our management applications starting from the low-voltage grid. At Plexigrid, we believe that the electricity ecosystem can be managed in a much smarter, more economical and sustainable way.


Secure is a multi-national corporation committed to providing revenue management, power quality and energy efficiency to its customers and communities, enabling them to save money, reduce energy consumption and facilitate comfortable living. Our products are deployed in more than 60 countries with the highest data security and customer service standards.

From electricity, gas, water, and heat generation to final consumption, we add value across the entire energy supply chain. Furthermore, we offer metering, billing and collection for electricity and gas, monitor energy efficiency, and many other solutions and services.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, stringent quality practices like the Shanin technique, zero-defect production line, and 30-minute smart meter installation have all improved our product quality and reliability.

Every day we are inspired and motivated to give our best efforts because we believe there is a better way to do things and that a business should endure for generations.


At Smilics Technologies S.L., we design and manufacture integrated hardware and software solutions for the monitoring and management of electrical consumption in any type of installation, from domestic areas to large industry.

Our R&D facilities and factory are located in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.

We have extensive experience as manufacturers of metering equipment and as software developers, providing a smooth and pleasant user experience, since our mission is to “make it easy”.

We commercialize our patented solutions worldwide, serving both individual customers and large international corporations.

We divide the product range into four main families:

  • SENSORS flexible current sensors and split-core transformers
  • WIBEEE are meters for the measurement and control of domestic and industrial energy. These devices collect information about your home or business electricity consumption to help you make decisions and save on your bill.
  • MIRUBEEE is an intelligent manager of solar surpluses that helps self-consumer to make the best decision at any time on their photovoltaic installation - configuring, programming and supervising from any place.
    2Grid device for complete monitoring, control and management of medium and low voltage secondary substations.

Sprecher Automation

Sprecher Automation is a manufacturer and supplier of products and solutions for energy supply and energy automation. In this field, we specialise in protection and control systems. With our know-how, we make critical infrastructures more secure, digitise power grids around the world and optimise complex energy processes.

We support all sectors that are concerned with power, from generation to transmission, to distribution. Our modular automation platform SPRECON offers individual solutions for all applications, e.g. substation automation, protection, telecontrol, monitoring & visualisation (NCC & SCADA), network and IT security. Our systems communicate via various protocols such as IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-101/-103/-104 and many others, thus enabling secure communication and data transmission.

With more than one hundred years of experience in the field, we support our local and international customers such as transmission and distribution system operators, power supply companies, municipal utilities, and infrastructure companies in their daily tasks.