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Chair's welcome

Dag Eirik Nordgård

Dear Electricity distribution Innovators,

Join us at the CIRED 2024 Vienna Workshop, where we will address the profound transformations sweeping through the energy sector. As the Chair of this event, I extend a warm invitation to you all.

The global shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources is reshaping the way we generate, distribute and use electricity.

By 2050, Europe will experience a doubling of electricity generation and consumption, placing an unprecedented strain on our transmission and distribution systems.

Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and electricity distribution networks are pivotal in facilitating a successful energy transition. They must navigate in a landscape of increased volatility in electricity generation, grid stability challenges, and the integration of dynamic loads, storage, and multiple energy carriers.

Our workshop will focus on new methodologies and technologies for network planning, operation, control, and regulation – with a common goal to maximise the hosting capacity of distribution networks, while maintaining system integrity.

These challenges demand innovation, automation, infrastructure optimisation, and regulatory evolution on many levels. The CIRED 2024 Vienna Workshop is your opportunity to share your ideas and solutions for the all-electric society.

Join us in Vienna to present your results, collaborate with other industry experts, gain insights, and contribute to the energy transition towards a sustainable future.

I am looking forward to your active participation!

Best regards,

Dag Eirik Nordgård
Chair of the CIRED 2024 Vienna Workshop